Another Princess Story

One evening, there's a girl wondering alone on a sofa. Well, she's not merely just a girl.

"How i'm gonna get out from here? urghhhhh!!"

"Dear princess, what's on your mind? Can i help you? Just tell me, i'll try my very best to help you."

She took a sight on him, then she laid her eyes again onto the carpet in front of her. 

[princess tak tutup aurat]

"Doremon, i want to get out from here!! It's frustating! I'm a princess and yet i cant go out and take a walk on my own land"

"But princess, The King didnt allow you to go out. It's really dangerous out there. You might get hurt or being kidnapped by anybody."

"I dont care! I wanna go out! I wanna go out!"

"Okay okay, i'll help you, but you must promise me that you'll be in the castle again before night."

"Okay Doremon! I'll keep my words! Love you sooooo much!" 

She hugged him and followed him to a corner.

[import princess dari Jepun sat]

Doremon took something out of his pocket,
"Pintu Sesuka Hati!" 


"Ok princess, this door will lead you to the gate, take this gun with you in case there's something might happen. Remember to be careful, my dear princess."

[telah cuba cari gambar pistol sesekartun yang mungkin] 

"Okay okay.. please dont worry about me" 
the princess smiled =)


"At last, i'm free!"

There are so many things out there that the princess had never seen before. The world is just a so wonderful place. She saw the sea, rivers, jungles, forests and many more. While walking across the bridge, she saw a very beautiful scene that she would keep them in her memories forever. 

Then, she walked in the forest to see the other creatures that she might not have seen before. Unfortunately, she saw people running here and there because of....
Because of a big, big.... 


"Oh my God, what i'm going to do! Oh no... i have to run as fast as i could!"

She ran and ran until the moment when her foot suddenly tripped over a rock....

[ok, gambo ni terlampau exaggerate sangat..]

(to be continued)

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cahaya penawar
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